Do You Really Need Professional Movers?

We admit it, we’re not the most objective people to answer the question “Do you really need professional movers?” After all, professional moving services in Ontario is our stock-in-trade. 

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June 2, 2022
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But what we lack in objectivity, we make up for in firsthand knowledge and experience. After hundreds of moves, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve heard straight from our clients just what a difference pros can make.

So, our short answer is yes. If you’re planning a move of any size, a professional moving service is well worth the investment. Here’s why. 

Moving is hard on the body

Pros are trained in the lifting techniques that allow us to safely move heavy items. We may make it look easy, but that’s the result of training and practice. Trying it out on your own is not recommended, unless you want to spend the week after your move icing down pulled muscles and sprains. 

Moving takes a lot of mental energy

There’s no doubt about it: moving is stressful. In fact, studies show that many people rank it as the most stressful experience of their lives. And it’s no wonder. Moving requires immense amounts of mental energy, from planning, packing, and preparing to actually getting it all done on the big day. 

Having professional movers handle some (or all) of the process for you frees up your energy to focus on the good stuff, like getting excited for your new home or office! Our clients often tell us that investing in our moving services was the best decision they could have made. We couldn’t agree more — your peace of mind is priceless. 

Moving requires expertise

Remember that Friends episode when Ross enlists Chandler and Rachel to help him move a couch? This hilarious scene could be an ad for why you need professional movers. Pros know how to handle all the tricky challenges of moving big, heavy, awkward stuff from point A and to point B — and they do it without screaming “pivot!” at each other.  

They also know how to handle your fragile items with the care they deserve. For instance, here at Livy Services, we have a whole arsenal of moving supplies, including blankets, bubble wrap, and paper, to ensure that your items make it safely to their new home. 

Professional moving services in Ontario

Make your move as easy as possible by letting the pros do the heavy lifting. Livy Services offers premium home moving services in Ontario that can help you have the most stress-free move of your life. You can check out what our previous clients have had to say about us here [link to testimonials page]. Contact us or use our online quote tool to get a free quote in minutes. 

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